Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a consultation? And is there a cost?

    - Yes, we offer a free consultation for anyone interested. 

Do you require a puppy to be a certain age before you will take them in to train in one of your courses?

     - We believe that you should begin to train as early as possible. With that being said, we want to make sure the puppy has received all vaccinations before we would board and train them. Three to four months of age is ideal. 

Will you train other puppy/dogs at the same time as ours?

     -Yes. At the moment we are only taking in 1-2 dogs at a time to ensure each dog is treated as one of the family and receives individualized training. If you do not want your puppy/dog interacting with another dog during our course just let us know. We are always looking to ease any concerns.

How do we sign up for one of your courses?

     - First look over each service being offered. When you find one of interest, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will contact you as soon as we can. 

How do we pay for the services? 

     - Payment will be made once we confirm with you the details of what service you want and when we set a date to begin training.

Who supplies the food during training?

     -Typically, the dog owner will supply enough food for the duration of the training course. This way the puppy/dog can avoid any gastrointestinal issues due to changing of a different food. We would also like to know of any known allergies.

My dog has separation anxiety, will that be a problem?

     - Yes, it can be an issue. We offer a very personal, family-oriented experience for each puppy/dog we train to help minimize any discomfort your puppy/dog may have. Unfortunately, sometimes this won't put your puppy/dog at ease resulting in them not wanting to eat, go to the bathroom, and/or play. If they aren't doing better after a few days, we will return them to their home after consulting with you. If the dog cannot continue in our training course, you will not be charged for that course. 

What happens on the last day of the board and training course? Is there an at-home visit?

       - Yes. Once the training is completed, we will bring your dog home. At that point, we will take time to train the owners on how to properly communicate with their dog's newly learned skills. We are in no rush, and our goal is to leave knowing the owner is confident to either continue to train on their own or at least maintain their dog's level of obedience that they learned from our course.